Breaking the Law

Courtney Love Owes Her Shrink Almost Fifty Grand

  • Axl Rosenberg

Courtney Love is SaneGASP! According to The New York Post, self-proclaimed “addiction psychiatrist” Dr. Edward Ratush has filed papers with the Manhattan Supreme Court, alleging that celebrity client Courtney Love owes him $48,250 for services rendered.

Which, as my gasp indicated, in shocking news. No, not the part about Courtney Love owing someone a tremendous amount of money, because she’s generally been about as reliable as Toyota’s breaks. And no, not even the part where she allegedly sought out a doctor for “opiate dependence and treatment-resistant depression,”  because what celebrity has never even tried to get the monkey off of their back?

No no no, the shocking part is that this doctor is willing to take credit for having worked with her. I mean, is there any indication that he succeeded? If someone came to me and said “I love you but you have a problem, I think you should go see the guy who treated Courtney Love,” I’d assume they were lying about the “I love you” part. I would think this intel could seriously damage Dr. Ratush’s reputation (even more than the fact that his name is a homonym for “radish” that contains the word “tush,” I mean).  Then again, if you spent multiple hours in a room with Courtney Love and got nothing out of the deal, you’d probably wanna sue someone, too.

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