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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn To Undergo Gallbladder Surgery This Week



It’s two weeks until Machine Head leave for a Mexican and South American tour, so of course God has to throw a big fucking obstacle in their way, because why should a good band have an easy time on tour?

The PRP reports that Robb Flynn will be undergoing gallbladder surgery this week. Flynn posted a video which you can watch below. In it, he gives the basic run-down of his ailment:

I had food poisoning about a week ago, and I’ve had this pretty severe pain under my right rib since then… They just took some ultrasound and they found some funky stuff, so the doctor’s going to take a look and see what it is.

Then the video cuts to Robb yesterday morning.

It is about two weeks before the tour starts… but I’m going to get the surgery. I’ve got to get it done.

You might remember that Machine Head was forced to drop off a 2012 tour with Dethklok due to Flynn having a hernia (the infamous “guts in his nuts”). Flynn went on to document the experience because he’s far more brave in the face of surgery than I could be. So if anyone can bounce back from something like this, it’s him.

Robb is tentatively scheduled to go into surgery tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12th. We wish him good luck a speedy recovery.

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