Unsigned and Unholy

Punch Holes Through Sternums with New York’s Beast Modulus



It’s always good to be reminded that your hometown produces great extreme music, even when you live in New York. The city’s penchant for indie rock and experimental electronica is so overwhelming that you can forget it’s a hub of amazing metal as well.

The new EP we just received from NYC’s Beast Modulus reminds us of just that. The band’s energetic, groove-heavy math metal is the soundtrack to breaking a human body down to pieces, then to atoms. The four members have a serious NYC pedigree, too, featuring former and present members of bands like Demilitia, Family, Beauty Apes, Flaming Tusk, Prostitution, Knives Everywhere, and Part Time Hoodlums.

Check out “Cowboy Caligula” from the band’s upcoming self-titled EP which comes out May 26th. The band is playing an album release show at Grand Victory on May 29th with Tiger Flowers, Moon Tooth, and Bangladeafy if you want to get your ears assaulted live.

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