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If You’ve Got a Problem, Terror Have “The Solution”


Terror 25th Hour PromosAs is the case with a lot of hardcore bands, artistic evolution isn’t really Terror’s thing. Terror albums are like Big Macs: you more or less know what you’re gonna get every time, and you’re either into that or you’re not.

Me? Overrall, I tend to be into it! And I think the band’s new single, “The Solution,” is pretty rad, and definitely ripe for violent moshing. The chorus, during which the titular solution is made explicit (spoiler alert: it’s violence), definitely makes me wanna wanna fuck shit up like shit has never been fucked up before.  The song probably won’t convert anyone who doesn’t already dig Terror, but whatever, that’s those people’s problem.

Stream “The Solution” below, courtesy of Noisey. Terror’s new album, The 25th Hour, comes out August 7 on Victory.

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