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Video: Djent Parody Band Rectangles is Spot-On


Does it Djent?We’re now beyond the point where djent has crested — at this point it’s basically a running joke, the same way good cop / bad cop vocals became the eye-roll metal trend of the moment around 2007. The genre’s pioneers still do it incredibly well, but the sheer number of imitators unfortunately dilute the pool for everyone.

So it’s high time for a parody video like the one just released by Jarrod Alonge — with assists from Drewsif Stalin and Mike Semesky (ex-HAARP Machine, ex-Intervals) — that utilizes pretty much every overused djent trope under the sun to lampoon the sub-genre. The single word plural band name, the nonsensical interstellar and mathematical/scientific lyrical themes, and of course all the chugs and atmospheric guitars that make djent djent. Super well done! Check it out below.

Thanks: Justin T. 

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