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Nile Announce New Album, What Should Not Be Unearthed

  • Axl Rosenberg

nile sethu band photoGreat news for fans of Ancient Egypt-themed death metal: Nile will release a new album, What Should Not Be Unearthed, on August 28 via Nuclear Blast. Although I don’t have official confirmation of this, I think we can all assume, based on the album’s title, that the record will be about Chris Holmes, who is now legally classified as a zombie.

Here’s a lo-res version album art, which was created by Polish artist Michal “Xaay” Loranc, who also did the art for 2009’s Those Whom the Gods Detest:Nile - What Should Not Be UnearthedAnd here’s a quote from Xaay which was included in the press release announcing the album. English is Xaay’s second language, but it would appear that no one attempted to edit or clean up his statement, so it makes about as much sense as your average Clown quote (although you gotta give him props for his use of “adumbration”:

The story behind the title goes deeply beneath everything we have already known, and we may not be ready to face.  With the art I excavated the theories of an elder ancient civilization which could give the origin to ancient Egypt. That’s why you can find a new ingredient in the band imagery, pointing at some higher obscure intelligence, eroding and covered with time. That trace of a dismal legacy is resembled in the outer structure which radiates from the block, sealing the unknown, and it’s only an adumbration of what we will meet, once it is removed.

“The pyramid-shaped seal in the center doesn’t contain a recipe for some camel stew or a Pharaoh’s dining menu. An experienced eye will notice hieroglyphs taken from the ‘Book of the Dead‘, or the Seven Islands of Amentet glyph – depicting the ancient Underworld, and describing the elder reign of God-kings, which had ended circa. 9850 B.C. (perhaps some similarity with that of Atlantis?). But the main thing we should not miss here is a winged scarab sign in the exact center. We all know this most common Egyptian artifact giving protection… so the message is pretty clear…”

Nope. Not clear at all, friend. Sorry.

Pre-order What Should Not Be Unearthed here. Hopefully we’ll get to hear some new music soon. And hopefully Xaay did not pen the lyrics for that new music.

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