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Once Human Tickle Your Aggro Bone On “The Life I Remember”

Photo by Nathan Mader
Photo by Nathan Mader

Former Machine/Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader (the dude with the long-ass semi-blonde dreads) has made a successful life for himself as a producer, having worked on albums with Periphery, Five Finger Death Punch, Devil You Know, and Gojira. But it seems that sitting behind the board isn’t enough for Mader, and so he’s returned with a new band, Once Human. They’ve just released a new song, “The Life I Remember”, which you can listen to below.

The band consists primarily of Mader and vocalist Lauren Hart, who’s shrieking her fucking guts out up front on this track. There are a lot of comparisons to be made here to Arch Enemy–not simply because Once Human is a female-fronted band with aggro tendencies, but in the guitar sound and the direction of the lyrics.

Damn Rainauld, bass, and Ralph Alexander, drums, fill out the band, but they’re both newcomers so I have no ammo there. Let’s wait until the band’s first tour.

Oh, one last thing: technically, this video is NSFW, because it has an image of a nude hanging by barbed wire in it? But you can’t see anything blur-worthy. Just letting you know, in case you’re checking this website at the Kindergarten where you work. Do not check MetalSucks at a Kindergarten. Enjoy!

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