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Ghost Reveal Papa Emeritus III, New Masks on Late-Night TV Spot



Ghost are known for teasing the world in their dramatic style, but Metal Insider just posted this TV spot that apparently aired on VH1 Classic in the wee small hours, and the band appears to have topped even themselves. Watch this:

Holy shit, there’s so much going on here. New masks for the nameless ghouls? Papa III is Papa II’s “three months younger” brother? Plans for world domination, church construction, and… some kind of Philly show in September? And in a  TV spot, aired in the middle of the night after a showing of CaddyshackWhat the fuck are Ghost doing, I ask you?

Ghost are not a band I particularly like — their music lacks a certain punch for me — but I can’t help but love them for this. The grim-faced seriousness of it all, the way they released it… it’s just so dramatic and ridiculous and fun. More metal bands need to do cool things (an announcement video with a bunch of photoshopped-together vibrating album art is not a cool thing) to promote their work, and this kind of theatrical approach takes all the right pointers from GWAR and King Diamond.

Then again, for all we know, the band has no idea this commercial aired.

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