Friggin' Danzig

Glenn Danzig Dons Misfits Makeup for the First Time in 35 Years, Breaks Internet


You know how I know Glenn Danzig is irrelevant? Because the internet got more excited about this Facebook post than they did about his last album:

What I don’t understand is WHY people got so excited. It’s not as though this means Danzig is gonna do a Misfits reunion. It doesn’t mean his output is gonna get any better (although Skeletons may end up being above average merely by virtue of the fact that it’s all old classics Danzig didn’t have anything to do with). So what’s the big deal?

Maybe I’ve just completely misunderstood why people are so stoked on this. Maybe they just really love Danzig’s nipples. But even that would confuse me, ’cause there are metal dudes with much better nipples.

OH! WAIT!!! It just hit me: people assumed this was Papa Emeritus III, and that’s why they got so excited, right? Wow, it all makes sense now…two papas and a danzig

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