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Listen to the New Ghost Song “Cirice” Right Now!!!


Ghost - CiriceThings are moving mighty quickly for Swedish occult rockers Ghost: just two days ago the band unveiled a late-night TV spot featuring new-look band leader Papa Emeritus III, yesterday we learned their new album will be called Meliora and we got to see its cover art (below)… and here we are at midnight on a Saturday — a perfectly appropriate time! — and we’ve got a brand new song. It’s called “Cirice” and you can stream it right here.

Rapid reaction: this song rules. Ghost have never been a band that’s bowled over the MetalSucks brass, but much of our reluctance to get fully on board has had to do with the pomp and circumstance surrounding the band, not their music. If there’s one thing that can be said about Ghost without any hesitation it’s that they’re absolutely killer songwriters, and “Cirice” is no exception: it’s a fucking magnificently catchy song, one that manages to rock surprisingly hard despite it’s middling tempo. Just twice through and I’m already hooked.

Stream the song here, where you can also download it for the price of your email address. Meliora comes out on August 21st.

“Cirice” means “church” in Old English, for those wondering. Thanks, Wiktionary.

Chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

Ghost - Meliora

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