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Kataklysm Cut Out “Thy Serpents Tongue”


kataklysmCanadian death metal stalwarts have released a new track titled “Thy Serpents Tongue” from their upcoming album Of Ghosts and Gods. Listen below.

It’s interesting to hear Kataklysm incorporating so many diverse influences here, you know? The standout moments of dubstep, pop vocals, and even the incorporation of big band swing aspects has really shown that this band is pushing the death metal envelope. There’s even an electric violin solo in there. Maybe this Beyoncé move has matured the band’s sound into something more than simple death metal. Look out, Sigh!

…you know I’m kidding, right? You know it’s a mid-paced aggressive death metal song. Because it’s Kataklysm. Calm down.

Of Ghosts and Gods comes out July 31 via Nuclear Blast.

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