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Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Accused of Taking Part in Gang Rape



Update, 5:18 pm: Radke has now responded to, and denied, these allegations. Read his statement here.

The PRP reported today that Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse has been accused of gang-raping a woman with a group of his cohorts after the band’s June 3rd show at the Murray Theater in Murray, UT.

The alleged victim, Kacee Boswell, posted the following to her Facebook:

“I’ve been a victim of sexual assault too many times. Once is too many. Four times is too many for any person. Please pray for me”

“Broken nose (previous to assault) bruises all over my body and a three inch contusion on my jaw and torn throat ligaments from fighting back. Thanks Ashley-Jade Thewlis & Levi Rounds for taking care of me and putting that monster on blast.”

“The situation has blown up on social media. He even tweeted about me being a dumbass.

“75% is fangirls saying I should kill myself and 25% are people saying he can never come back to Utah.

“As if having a rape kit and a severe contusion on my jaw weren’t enough.”

Holy shit.

A friend of Boswell’s has corroborated this story:

“A pile of literal human garbage named Ronnie Radke gang raped someone really important to me last night (because that’s how real men treat women, with their bodyguard as backup) and tossed her out onto the curb. He’s some has been, talentless musician that was playing the Murray Theater last night. If any of my friends book him, defend him, or even mention his name around me, we aren’t friends anymore. I hope he dies a slow painful death surrounded by people cheering on his suffering, Christ like, minus the martyrdom.

I haven’t cried this much in over a year, and nothing even happened to me. The person it happened to is one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever met in my life. She’s going to be ok. Just the fact that someone can do this to another person makes me sick and sad for our whole race. Fuck him, his garbage music and everything he stands for.

Please no shitty jokes. This isn’t an open mic forum. Just me venting online instead of kicking a fucking wall.”

No matter what the result of the investigation surrounding it, a sexual assault charge is the most serious thing in the world. Even if you’re found not be the monster you were made out to be, it will dog you for the rest of your life.

Radke, meanwhile, has a baaad fucking track record. The dude has a history of both abusing women and hurting fans, not to mention a history of being a tactless sexist dick. Whatever you may think of his band, you have to admit that this guy is a huge asshole, which makes disproving a rape accusation a whole lot harder. We can’t assume he’s guilty, but considering what he’s given us to work with, Ronnie is solidly fucked.

One thing I will point out is that Radke apparently did this with a group of dudes, but he’s the only celebrity and therefore the only name being mentioned (Boswell’s friend claims Ronnie alone gang raped her). I promise that, should these accusations prove true, everyone here at MetalSucks wishes torture and death on every single one of the pieces of shit involved in this.

More as it comes.

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