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Watch Old People React to Slipknot


elders_slipknotThe “____ people react to ____” video trend isn’t new, but it’s still entertaining. Watching people of a different age group, social cohort or general lifestyle react to something we so intrinsically understand strengthens our own sense of identity. Like this “Kids React to Gameboy” video; it’s probably not funny to you unless you were between the ages of 5 and 15 when the Gameboy was a thing, but the video really resonates if you’re of a certain age.

So this “Elders React to Slipknot” video. You know exactly what you’re getting going in — some old people are gonna say “this sounds like noise,” and some zany elder is gonna bob his head and profess to dig it — but what makes this one so much fun to watch are the one-on-one interviews with the “elders” after the Slipknot videos end. LOL @ the guy who seems to know a thing or two about metal, but then name-checks Kittie and Taproot (?!). Guess his sons had somewhat suspect taste.


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