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Exclusive Track Premiere: Black Fast, “To Propagate the Void”


Black Fast

We love it when bands we’ve featured in our Unsigned and Unholy column go on to garner recognition from the metal world at large, and that’s exactly what happened last year when metal powerhouse eOne scooped up St. Louis foursome Black Fast, who we featured in 2013. So when the band inquired if MetalSucks would be interested in streaming the very first single from their label debut Terms of Surrender, the only appropriate answer was “hell fucking yes.”

We were beginning to feel bad about all the Death comparisons, because likening a band to just one other seems reductive and simple. But then the following nugget appeared in the first paragraph of their official bio: “Ripping pages from Death’s technical death metal guidebook, the St. Louis foursome conjures the spirit of the late, great Chuck Schuldiner…” Phew! Let our conscience rest easy. Of course there’s the rest of that sentence, too, which is just as crucial: “… while channeling the viciousness of Megadeth’s young-and-hungry Dave Mustaine and blistering aggression of Kreator’s Mille Petrozza.” 

Does that description capture the essence of “To Propagate the Void?” We’d say so, but you can be the ultimate judge. Mostly the track just rips really fucking hard, which is the most important thing of all. Listen below.

Terms of Surrender comes out on August 7th via eOne and can be pre-ordered here. Black Fast’s 2013 release Starving Out the Light is available for streaming on Bandcamp.

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