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Kacee Boswell Discusses Alleged Rape by Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke

  • Axl Rosenberg

kacee_boswell_2015Last week, a twenty-five-year-old Utah woman, Kacee Boswell, accused Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke of raping her after a concert. Since then, Radke has denied the accusations, provided an alibi (which Boswell says is a lie), and filed a defamation lawsuit against Boswell.

Boswell has now given in her side of the story in an interview with Alternative Press. Unsurprisingly, it is a highly unsettling read, in no small part because Boswell says that since the news broke, she has been the victim of harassment from people “saying I should kill myself, saying that I’m too ugly to be raped.” Yay, society.

The most interesting aspects of the interview, needless to say, are the sections where Boswell tries to clear up some misconceptions and supposed contradictions in her story:

You wrote that Radke and his bodyguard posted bail. Would you like to clarify?

Well yeah I would like to, as best as possible. At the hospital, a Murray Police Department officer asked me if I knew exactly where they were. I told her that they [had played] the Murray Theater. So they did the whole rape kit thing, which is so embarrassing, and just so degrading. They had given me some pain medicine. I was at the hospital for over two hours. The officer came back and said they had caught them right before the bus was leaving, which contradicts [what Ronnie and his bodyguard] told the witness, which was that they had to leave right then to get to bus call. So they left me on the side of the road and went to go play pool at a bar. I believe they went to The Woodshed. Somebody from, I guess, Slaves, or whatever band, said that I was with them at the bar, which is absolutely insane, because I wasn’t. So they lied about that.

And then, later in the interview:

You said you aren’t out for money. Is the goal here, from a legal standpoint, to press criminal charges, if/when there’s sufficient evidence?

Well, absolutely, when there’s more evidence. But the goal here is also to go after cyberbullies. There are hundreds of comments and messages that are just terrifying. I’ve gotten phone calls that are terrifying. I would like to go after cyberbullies as much as possible, because, I’m scared. His fanbase is a bunch of really fervent [teenage] boys who’d do anything for their idol. I feel like my life is in danger. Virtual harassment is a huge epidemic in our country and it does sometimes push people to suicide. Not that I have any suicidal thoughts but I’m definitely in a dark place. I haven’t felt this sad in a really long time. Complete strangers are telling me I’m too ugly to be raped. It’s terrible.

You can, and should, read the entire interview here.


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