Russian “Turbo Polka” Band Russkaja Release Bonkers Video for “Rock ‘n’ Roll Today”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Russkaja Rock n Roll Today VideoThere are things that, as mature adults, we must simply exist we will go to our graves have never seen: a Beatles reunion. A unicorn. A good All That Remains concert. A giant red hand with an eyeball in it throwing horns as it zips past giant cucumbers in outer space.

But — lo! — what’s this? Thanks to the apparently fucknuts imagination of Russian “turbo polka” band Russkaja and director Juppi Juppsen, we actually do get to see a giant red hand with an eyeball in it throwing horns as it zips through past giant cucumbers in outer space? Holy shit! I thought The Avengers was a childhood dream come to life, but this video, for the band’s song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Today,” has really taken the fantasies of a young Axl Rosenberg to a whole ‘nuther level.

And oddly enough, the beautifully bizarre animation in the video isn’t even its most miraculous quality! No no no: that would be that the song is actually good! Usually, this kind of pagan/folk metal is not my chalice of mead, but even a Grumpy Gus like me can’t deny that “Rock ‘n’ Roll Today” is really catchy and fun. If every Pagan Fest band were this good, I might have gone to more Pagan Fests.

Check out “Rock ‘n’ Roll Today” below! Russakja’s new album, the drolly-titled Peace, Love and Russian Roll, comes out July 31 on Napalm. Pre-order it here.

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