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Is Butcher Babies’ “Monsters Ball” the Worst Metal Song of 2015?


butcher babies monsters ballHave you felt embarrassed for someone?

Butcher Babies’ new single, “Monsters Ball,” is so incredibly awful that it makes me feel sad for the band members’ families, living, dead, and yet-to-be-born. It may not actually be the worst metal song of the year, but it will very likely be the worst metal song of the year to be released by a well-known, signed band. It sounds like a shitty demo some local band signed us, only with more expensive production. You know the song isn’t gonna go anywhere good when it begins with (and repeatedly returns to) the old carnival-announcer-with-a-megaphone cliché… but by the time it reaches the Static-X-esque chorus, you’ll be begging to do horrible, degrading sexual acts in exchange for making the music stop. I would actually campaign for Jeb Bush if he vowed to outlaw this song. Theon Greyjoy is grateful that Ramsay Snow never made him to listen to “Monsters Ball” all the way through. Some songs make kids wanna learn to play an instrument; this song could discourage people to make music for years to come.

You can stream “Monsters Ball” below. If the embed isn’t working, count yourself lucky. If the embed isn’t working but you feel like you absolutely must listen to the track, go here. The song will appear on BB’s new album, Take it Like a Man (yuk yuk), which will be humiliating Century Media employees starting August 21.

Surprise Surprise! We're thrilled to finally release our brand new song #MonstersBall! Keep your eyes peeled for pre-order bundles and a new music video coming soon!

Posted by Butcher Babies on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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