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Prepare For The Flood with Khemmis’ “Antediluvian”



After hearing their first new track “Torn Asunder“, we became believers in Denver doom crew Khemmis. But after hearing the latest song from their upcoming 20 Buck Spin debut Absolution on Metal Underground today, we’re officially disciples. You can listen to the new track, “Antediluvian”, below.

Interesting fact (that I only found out this morning): antediluvian is often used to mean ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘out of date’, but its actual definition is ‘of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood’. This means it can relate to anything from fantastic prehistoric animals or just an era where the world was so wicked that God had to murder everyone but Russel Crowe. All this and more comes across in this huge, brutal doom track.

Absolution comes out on July 7th. Khemmis is playing Denver on 6/20 and 8/1; if you’re in town, get stupid high and check them out.

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