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Drummer Phil Dubois Out of Revocation?


Phil Dubois RevocationWell, this is a bummer: it appears that Revocation and drummer Phil Dubois have officially parted ways.

Dubois hasn’t played live with the band since sustaining a broken arm last summer; Alex Rudinger (ex-The Faceless) and Jon “Charn” Rice (Job For a Cowboy) have filled in for him on the band’s tours since. But we always figured he’d be back as soon as circumstance allowed.

Now The PRP has noticed that Phil changed his Instagram handle from “phil_revocation” to “phildubois_drums.” While that alone wouldn’t necessarily indicate anything, his Instagram bio now reads as follows, with no mention at all of Revocation: “Phil DuBois Drums. Teching for Cannibal Corpse. Meinl, Pearl, Vic Firth, Axis, Evans. Aimless wandering, loud noises”

Neither the band nor Phil have commented publicly on any split yet — and he’s still pictured in a poster for their upcoming Mexican tour dates — but we’re guessing we’ll hear something soon enough.

We’ve gotten to know all the dudes in Revocation well over the years, so it’s a major disappointment to hear about a split like this. We hope everything’s cool between the guys and wish Phil well in his future drumming endeavors… the guy who we named the 23rd Best Modern Metal Drummer will surely end up back behind the kit in a kick-ass band in no time.

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