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Morbid Angel Let Go of David Vincent (Again), Sign on Steve Tucker (Again)



Update, 3:49 PM: It now appears that drummer Tim Yeung is officially out of the band as well. You can read his statement here

Remember how excited everyone was for David “Evil D” Vincent to rejoin Morbid Angel? Remember how excited they were for the band’s 2011 release, Illud Divinum Insanus? Vincent’s first album with the band since Domination! It was going to be epic. Then, the album came out, and everyone thought, ‘Gosh, you know, I actually really dug Gateways To Annihilation…’

Well, either Vincent took the hint or Trey Azagthoth realized just how lousy things are, because Blabbermouth reports that Vincent has once again left the band, only to be replaced by… Steve Tucker, the guy who replaced him the first time!

Yeah. Steve Tucker. They just… brought Steve Tucker back.

Man, desperation is brutal to watch. One can’t imagine that Morbid Angel would’ve taken Tucker back had Illud been a huge success; so much of that album’s appeal (before anyone had heard it) was that the classic lineup was back. That said, the fact that Tucker has rejoined seems to show that there’s no bad blood between him and the rest of the band, so maybe he did kindly step aside? Or maybe Vincent’s cracks about former drummer Pete Sandoval got on Azagthoth’s nerves? Who knows — that dude is a fucking nutbar.

However, as an obvious a backpedal as this may be, I’m not worried, as I loved Formulas and Gateways (Heretic was problematic). Tucker’s vocals always sounded more brutal to me, and he never rocked the PVC and soul patch like Vincent. Now, if we could only get Erik Rutan back in the band…

It’s also believed that the band has parted with drummer Tim Yeung, but no replacement has been announced.

Tucker and Azagthoth are apparently in the studio creating what Azagthoth claims will be “amazingly sick World Beater!” Be very fucking afraid of this man.

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