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Sanzu’s Pleasurable Painless: You MUST Listen to This EP

  • Axl Rosenberg

sanzu - painlessOn Friday afternoon, Vince dispatched a MetalSucks Mansion Monkey to the Rosenberg Wing with a copy of Painless, the new EP from Australia’s Sanzu, and a simple message: “This band fucking destroys, listen immediately.” Not words to be taken lightly — so I did as instructed, and holy shit, do we all ever owe Vince one continent-sized beer, ’cause this thing has been out since April, and it slipped past us all.

Press materials from the band describe Sanzu as “a crushing mix of Morbid Angel with Gojira” (probably could have just said Morbid Angel, LOL), which is definitely accurate — Azagthoth knows these dudes love their elephantine riffs and pick scrapes. But, as is almost always the case, what makes Sanzu stand out are their superior songwriting skills. Sanzu write the kind of riffs that just hit you right in your heavy metal G-spot; their music is as aggro as shitting out an entire, undigested pineapple, yes, but it’s also fun. This is the kind of music that will inspire spontaneous bro-downs, the kind of music that will be playing when you walk into a party and see four or five dudes just standing around in a circle, headbanging and air guitaring and drumming. I’ll take a hundred EPs like this over one full-length from fellow Australians Thy Art is Murder, without a hesitation or doubt.

Check out Painless below! You’ll be glad you did. Sanzu vocalist Zachary Andrews tells me that the band aims to release a full-length in November. We will most definitely keep you updated!!!

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