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Hailey Baldwin Latest Celebutante to Wear Slayer Shirt


Eighteen-year-old model Hailey Baldwin — daughter of Stephen, niece of Alec, and presumed fucker of Justin Bieber — is the latest fashionable young person to be seen in public wearing some metal merch: she was photographed earlier today walking around Manhattan in a Slayer shirt.Hailey Baldwin SlayerInterestingly enough, Baldwin is also friends with the Jenners, one of whom was spotted in a Megadeth shirt this past April. I think it’s time to accept that these bands have now been around for so long, and are so successful, that young people just like wearing their vintage shirts. Like the girls at my high school who used to T-Rex shirts. I don’t think any of them had any idea who T-Rex was, but it looked cool so whatever right?

[via The Daily Mail]

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