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Hate Eternal Enter “The Stygian Deep”


Hate Eternal - Infernus

A chance to hear a new Hate Eternal song is like a chance to finally nail your high school crush: you gotta take it, and you gotta take it without hesitation.

And while I can’t help you the high school crush thing, I can help you with the Hate Eternal bit: the band is now streaming “The Stygian Deep,” a new song from their forthcoming album, Infernus. It’s full of clean vocals, harmonious guitars, gorgeous melodies, and introspective lyrics about a lost love…

I’m totally shitting you. The song is more discordant than bombs dropping on other bombs, the lyrics (as far as I can tell) are about death and shit, I’m still not entirely convinced that Erik Rutan isn’t a demon from whatever the fuck is one level below Hell, and (appropriately, given the song’s title) the melody is about as soothing as drowning.

I know there are people who don’t like Hate Eternal. But I do not understand those people. Not one bit.

Stream”The Stygian Deep” below! Infernus is out August 21 on Season of Mist. Pre-order it here.

[via Metal Underground]

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