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The Internet Won’t Have David Draiman to Kick Around Anymore!


david draiman constipatedDavid Draiman is real sad that people on the internet are so mean to him. All he wants to do is make monkey noises and speak in an affected Michael Buffer voice, but stupid jerks just keep getting all up in his shit and being like “Why do you type in all caps?” and “Why do you insist on making such horrible music?” and “Who cuts your hair, bruh?”

And so, during a recent interview with Minnesota radio station 93X, Draiman made the following announcement:

“I’m done with social media, personally. And it had nothing to do with the record. It happened to be coincidental, but it had nothing to do with the record. Social media has become a playground for trolls, a playground for these people who prey on one another. You can’t get anything decent done on there anymore; you just open yourself up to constant attack. And I’m just done with it. I’m done with it. I hope that the couple of years of my being as involved in it as I was meant something to people. I hope that they gleaned something from it, or took something away from it, or at least were entertained or something, because, now, I’m becoming a recluse. At the end of the day, what people want from me is to get up there on that stage and make them feel powerful and give them a release for an hour and a half or two hours every once in a while. And if I’m still able to do that, hopefully I’m still making people happy.”

The PRP notes that while Draiman’s Twitter account has, indeed, been deleted, his Facebook page is still up… although he hasn’t updated it since April 3.

I do feel bad for Draiman’s fans, who won’t be able to connect with him with as much ease as they once could. But not as bad as I feel for myself. Now I’ll have no way of knowing for sure whether or not Draiman reads it when I call him a no-talent ass clown who would be doing the world a real service if he took a vow of silence. Bummer, dude.

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