Dave Mustaine Apparently Has No Control Over Members Quitting


crazydaveGiven Dave Mustaine’s habit of not paying his bandmatesselling songwriting lessons for exorbitant amounts of money, and running his mouth about politics all the damn time, one might think him a total douche on an epic scale. But a post on Metal Injection today tells us that, in fact, we’ve been wrong the whole time. Dave just doesn’t have any fucking idea what’s going on!

When discussing the departure of drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick last year, Dave said the following:

“There was talk of a reunion, but I didn’t want that, as much as the fans might want that, and the management that we just fired wanted it. The two guys that left were, I believe, unfairly treated by management: they didn’t even say goodbye to me — that’s how badly they were spoken to — and for that I’m sad. We spent a lot of years together and I wish them well.”

Shit, if only we’d known! Turns out, the management behind Megadeth is the band’s ruling party, not, say, the frontman who created the band and remains its only founding member (but wait, didn’t the fans not want them in the band?). They’re the ones who threw Broderick and Drover out of the band, and little did we know, that made Dave a saaaad panda.

Hopefully, Mustaine can muster the courage to continue touring and making money from Megadeth, even though he’s the pawn of a massive megacorporation that tosses dudes out on their asses for no reason!


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