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Steve Tucker: “I’m In Morbid Angel To Do A Full-On Death Metal Album”


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Now that David Vincent has his story straight and we know Steve Tucker is officially the current singer of Morbid Angel, the question of how the new album’s gonna sound arises, given the Combichrist-flavored shitshow that was Illud Divinum Insanus. After that record came out, plenty of fans declared the band dead to them.

But in a recent radio interview, Tucker made his intentions clear:

All I know is I’m back in Morbid Angel to do a death metal album. I mean, I expect the album to be full-on death metal. I mean, I expect there to… Obviously, it’s a Morbid Angel album, there’ll be twists and turns on the album, there’ll be stuff that’s different, but I think it being aggressive and it being underground is really what it’s gonna be about. I think that Morbid Angel is a death metal band, and that’s what this album — this next one — will be.

On the one hand, this is promising. Tucker isn’t using the words ‘extreme’ or ‘XXXTREME’ the way Trey Azagthoth did surrounding Illud, and the Tucker albums had a lot more of that straight-forward grinding death metal sound to them (I especially love Gateways to Annihilation). With Tucker back in the fold, we might see the rebirth of Morbid Angel.

That said, his reference to “twists and turns” is worrisome. The idea that Azagthoth won’t take over as the supreme ruler of this album is naive; that dude has some serious megalomaniacal tendencies.  On top of that, the band has just lost its other guitarist and its drummer, which means you’ve currently got only Tucker and Azagthoth working on this record. One hopes they’ll sign on some hefty metal talent and create a rousing return to form, but somehow I doubt it.

We’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully, the result will be more Ancient Ones than anime.

[via Metal Underground]

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