Bruce Dickinson Does it for the Kids



If you’re new to the site, let me warn you: we’re a bunch of snarky dicks. If you’re a metalhead or a metal musician, we’ll take the one stupid, offensive, careless thing you’ve done and jab you in the ribs about it until kingdom come. Your only hope to escape our grasp is being just the coolest human being out there. Hard? Sure. Unless you’re Bruce Dickinson.

Why does the Iron Maiden singer get a pass? Well, when he’s not refusing to make military drones, forming alliances with African nations via his aviation company, and overcoming tongue cancer so he can make another Maiden album, the dude is running music therapy sessions with special needs kids. Dickinson recently visited the London center of Nordoff Robbins, a music therapy group aimed towards helping children with special.

The singer is quoted as saying:

“I’ve always thought that music therapy makes sense, because music is a universal language, and it crosses every border, every disability. People just like making a racket and it’s very fulfilling, especially if you can make a good racket with somebody. It’s sharing, it’s communicating, but it doesn’t have to be in words.”

A-fucking-men. Jesus, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

You can watch a video of Dickinson’s visit below, but man, this dude is the bomb. Sure, he has an eccentric moment here and there, but who cares? The guy cares about kids. We can’t front on that.


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