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Korn’s Jonathan Davis and Marilyn Manson Collaborating On Acoustic, “Southern-Sounding” Music

  • Axl Rosenberg

manson davis big richThe best part of Marilyn Manson’s Reddit AMA earlier this week, without a doubt, was this:Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.42.38 PMBut the SECOND best part — at least insofar as it’s interesting — was this:Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.40.55 PMFirst of all: who in their right fucking mind enjoys Marilyn Manson’s acoustic material?

Second of all: Metal Injection has an interesting theory…

Hey, remember when Jonathan Davis was recently spotted in the studio with country act Big and Rich but nothing was ever said about it? Dude, what if that’s the “southern sounding” bit to Manson’s new project and Davis is just producing the whole thing and not actually performing? Granted, this is entirely speculative and could be me just drawing lines between things that don’t exist, but still… maybe?

I think it’s far more likely than whatever Davis was doing with the country duo is the “something similar” to which Manson refers, not the actual Manson collaboration itself. Either way, though, that’s bad news for anyone with a brain between their ears. Have you ever really heard this…

…and thought what it needed was a dash of this…

…with a pinch of this?

Yeah. Didn’t think so.

Conclusion: unless Manson is doing this as some part of a government program to create the ultimate anti-terrorist deterrent, we are all fucked.

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