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Howard Jones (Devil You Know, Blood Has Been Shed, ex-Killswitch Engage) Once Attempted Suicide

  • Axl Rosenberg

howard-jones-leaves-killswitch-engageThe PRP reports that Howard Jones dropped the following bomb during a recent appearance on Jamey Jasta’s podcast, The Jasta Show:

“It went from being an underground thing, it was a small community, it was the thing that we shared together. It went to like this big public thing. Then after awhile it just got to the point it’s like ‘man, I can’t handle this.’ And so just alone, your mind just goes crazy. At least it did for me and there’s some people who handle it a lot better than I did, but me, I did not handle it well. I remember still living at my old, old apartment and—I don’t even know if I’ve ever really talked about this—Yeah, it’s just someone knew what I was doing and called the police cause I almost blew my head off. I pulled out my .44, I loaded it, I was done. If they hadn’t knocked on the door, I was gone.”

Jones continued:

“The cops came and broke down my door and stopped me. So needless to say, I ended up spending a little bit of time in one of the fabled mental institutions. Have I ever mentioned that before? I might have to you, but I’ve never publicly talked about.”

I’m not entirely clear on the timeline, but given Jones’ comments that “It went from being an underground thing… to [being] this big public thing” makes it sound like this was sometime during his tenure with KSE. So, in case there was any doubt that success does not solve all of one’s problems…

In any case, you have to applaud Jones for speaking out about this. If it makes even one fan who is feeling suicidal feel like he or she is not alone and seek help, then Jones’ lowest point will have actually have some value.

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