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“Erase This”: Lamb of God’s New Track is a RIPPER


Lamb of God Sturm Und Drang“Erase This” is the fourth song we’re hearing from Lamb of God’s forthcoming album VII: Sturm Und Drang.

Still Echoes,” the first, was a fairly by-the-numbers Lamb of God song. Didn’t do too much for me, if I’m being honest, just because I felt like I’d heard it before.

512” slowed things down a touch and hit a sweet mid-tempo groove. THIS I could get behind. It was a bit different for this band. More please!

Thankfully “Overlord” delivered in the “more please” department and then some. Clean singing! ALMOST a ballad! A total departure for Lamb of God. I loved it.

So here we are with “Erase This.” It’s more in the vein of “Still Echoes” — a fast-paced banger, this one in that patented 3/4 time LoG groove — but in the context of having heard “512” and “Overlord” and knowing that the album has a lot of variety to offer, I like it a lot more. I’m really into it, actually. It fucking rips.

Check it out below.

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