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Pentagram Aren’t Evil, They’re Just “Misunderstood”


After the bombs go off and humanity is wiped out by nuclear winter, the only creatures left on Earth will be cockroaches and Bobby Liebling. The dude has been making music in Pentagram since 1971, and that’s what he’s doing now. His harrowing drug abuse documentary ended with him still being here, kicking ass in the father of all doom bands.

The new single, “Misunderstood”, comes from the band’s ninth studio album, Curious Volume, and honors the classic lyrical tradition of a woman that done you wrong. It’s a little on the shreddier side, but still has a cool biker quality to it. You can hear the years in Bobby’s delivery, but that only works in his favor. This song sounds like an awesome faded tattoo looks.

Listen below. Curious Volume drops on August 28th via Peaceville.

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