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Video: Hardcore Dudes Bring Trash Can Into the Mosh Pit, Beat Each Other Senseless

  • Axl Rosenberg

trash can in the mosh pit“Why do non-metal fans assume that metal fans are all total knuckle dragging morons?” we wonder. And then we see a video like this one, captured a recent Drowning show in Chicago, and it’s like, “Oh, right. Because sometimes we act like total knuckle dragging morons.”

In defense of the guys* in this video, they all appear to be willing participants in this idiocy. They also appear to have very few brains to damage. So I guess if they wanna hit one another with trash cans, y’know. God bless and all that.

I still think they should all consider having themselves sterilized, though.

*Seriously — I don’t see a single woman present. I can’t imagine why females don’t find this kind of thing appealing. Dumb girls with their cooties.

[via Lambgoat]

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