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Fear Factory’s Burton Seabell Releasing The Industrialist Graphic Novel

  • Axl Rosenberg

seabell - the industrialistA scant three days after the release of Fear Factory’s Genexus, “vocalist” Burton Seabell is releasing a graphic novel to go along with the band’s previous album The Industrialist. So if you’ve ever listened to The Industrialist and wished it was a thirty-six page comic book, you’re in luck. If you’ve ever listened to The Industrialist and wished it was Streetcleaner, you can probably disregard the rest of this post.

ANYWAY, here’s Seabell’s statement regarding the book:

As far as I can remember I have been a a fan of science fiction. Watching episodes of Twilight Zone and Star Trek lead me to read Robert A. Heinlein by the time I was 8.

I started writing concepts for Fear Factory during the Demanufacture writing process. The sci­fi element integrated itself into the band’s philosophy and concepts This early influence has directed my path of creativity to enjoy science and the future of humanity. I am fortunate to be able to write my ideas into music that I love.

During my career I have had the pleasure to work with great artists like Dave McKean and Ben Templesmith. This is my first collaboration on a true graphic novel with a great new talent.

I was introduced to Noel through a fellow artist. I checked out Noel’s work and was immediately impressed. After meeting him in London, I knew he would be the man for the job. He understood the concept immediately.

The Industrialist is my first independently released graphic novel. This story was first published in Fear Factory’s album The Industrialist. That album is the soundtrack to this novel, and it follows the story within these pages. Noel Guard has accurately rendered the characters and scenes, and he captured the images as I saw them in my own mind. I foresee a great future for Mr. Guard.

This is a limited number release.

Burton Seabell

Well, if the entire comic is as well written and structured as the above, I think it’s fair to say we’re in for a real treat. Although maybe not the way Seabell intended.

Pre-orders are available at They ship September 12.

[via The PRP]

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