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For $300, Sebastian Bach Will “Let” You Come to His Wedding

  • Axl Rosenberg

sebastian bach and suzanne leI dunno who in the sweet mother of fuck is such a massive Baz fan that they’d willingly pay $300 to attend to the reception for his upcoming nuptials to 2004 Miss Hawaiian Tropic International runner-up Suzanne Le (don’t judge, shit was mad competitive), but whomever that person or persons is/are, they now have that option: the Rockbar Theater in San Jose, California is now selling tickets to the event, which will take place at the end of August. In addition to the chance to hound Baz for an autograph on his wedding day, you’ll also be able to hang on the nuts of other C-list celebrities, as “Sebastian will be bringing friends along from the film and music world.”

Does the idea of a rockstar charging people to attend his wedding sound totally fucking insane and tasteless to you? You’re not alone! But Ms. Le has a perfectly reasonable explanation:

Which is a response so dumb it could only have been mustered by a woman who is willing to marry Sebastian Bach. Ever been to a wedding to a before where the venue made money admitting strangers to the party without telling the newlyweds? No, you haven’t, because it would never happen. So the bottom line is, there’s no goddamn way that the venue started selling tickets without consulting with the bride and groom, and there’s no goddamn way that Sebastian Bach signed off on the idea without negotiating for his cut, even if that cut was just “Let us use your venue for free and you can do whatever the fuck you like.” So, y’know. Cut the crap, Suzanne.

If you really wanna go to this thing, you can get additional details and tickets here.


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