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Video: How to Make Music-Related Clickbait Videos


Drewsif StalinWe love Jared Dines, Jarrod Alonge and all other metal internet funnymen here at MetalSucks, and we chuckle at their videos on the regs. Shit, our own Brian Storm has even gotten in on the whole “How to ____” parody video game lately with entertaining titles such as “16 Things in the Modern Heavy Metal Scene That Need to Stop RIGHT NOW” and “9 Things Musicians Never Say.”

That said, there’s definitely a “format” for those kinds of videos, and now that they’ve firmly entrenched themselves as a part of metal internet culture in 2015 they’re ripe for poking fun at. Drewsif Stalin — who’s been making funny internet metal videos for years and years, although of a different variety — took the challenge with a new video titled, appropriately enough, “How to Make Music-Related Clickbait Videos.” And it’s pretty fuckin’ funny and right on the money, even if it doesn’t feature any of Stalin’s patented head-bobs.

Thanks to Brian Storm for alerting us to this video’s existence, and for having a sense of humor about himself! Watch:

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