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BURN HALO (ex-18 VISIONS) release new #hardrock single

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burn halo

When it comes to 18 VISIONS, there are two things you need to know: First, that I am literally the band’s biggest fan (including people who were actually in the band, who seem puzzled and mildly amused at how much I like 18V). Second, that they were easily a decade ahead of their time and essentially invented just about everything going on today in the -core scene.

u may recognize this from when they used it on some pro wrestling tv show or when they toured with HINDER

Perhaps their biggest contribution was pioneering the “going from being a really brutal metalcore band to playing hard rock” thing that just about every big scene band is doing (what I like to call the New Wave Of American Hard Rock or NWOAHR) on their 2005 self-titled album. That’s right: a full ten years before the NWOAHR, 18V were doing the MARILYN MANSON-meets-GODSMACK thing that every band from OF MICE & MEN to BRING ME THE HORIZON is doing today. Of course, they were way too ahead of the curve, everybody hated it, and they broke up after releasing what was imo their best album by a mile (and I love everything they did). Which is why I was so excited when vocalist Jame Shart announced his new #hardrock project BURN HALO in 2007, and even more excited when they had a minor radio hit with “Dirty Little Girl.”

With the history lesson out of the way, the important news is that BURN HALO are back with a new single, “Dying Without You,” and it’s pretty good! Not really sure if they have plans to do any touring or whatnot on the back of this, but at the very least you can check out their new album, give James some props for being so consistently ahead of the curve for the past two decades, and do some Jager shots while this song plays in the background at your local sports bar.

For more #hardrock, follow BURN HALO on Facebook and Twitter // To get your hair cut by Jame Shart, call 714-557-1691

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