Metalhead Extras Needed for Ghostbusters Reboot


ghostbustersAre you a metalhead who considers themselves somewhat photogenic? Do you want to make sure things like the White Zombie scene in Airheads don’t happen again? Well, friend, have we got an opportunity for you.

Director Paul Feig (BridesmaidsSpy) is making a reboot of Ghostbusters, which will involve a scene in a metal concert, and the filmmakers need metalheads to fill said scene. The following casting call was released:

“Billy Dowd Casting says it’s looking for people 35 and under — as well as older people who look like metal heads — to play the audience at a heavy metal concert in a scene that films from July 28 to 30. Dowd warns that the job doesn’t pay big bucks — but parking and lunch are included, and perhaps you’ll see some ghost-busting in action. To apply, send a clear and recent photo with your name, age, and number to heavy”

The Ghostbusters reboot itself is not my favorite thing — why anyone would want to remake arguably the best movie of all time is beyond us, though it probably has something to do with Hollywood being entirely uninterested in original ideas when they can just repackage something people recognize — but hey, it could be a good time! Besides, better they get actual metalheads to play the parts than some dudes in poofy wigs who do the Surf Horns instead of the Metal Horns.

Anyway, good luck to all you young thespians out there. If you want to send us your resumé and headshot, we’ll gladly post it online with a derisive comment about your stupid fucking face.

[via The PRP]

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