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Redux In A Row: Monster Magnet Announces Another Reworked Album


Monster Magnet Cobras

Last year Monster Magnet released a second version of their awesome 2013 album, Last Patrol. Songs were revamped or reduced, vibes were mellower and witchy. Imagine Monster Magnet with slightly less crotch, if you will. Its concept can be hailed as much as its resulting music, and it’d be amazing if bands would more often reinterpret their own stuff for a “sister release.” Each one is a fan’s chance to re-love overly familiar jams, and a way to experience our beloved albums as created by the same people but under different circumstances. The people are the same, but everything around them is different — in this case, “Monster Magnet trapped in the hazy ’60s.” Wonderful!

In this realm, Monster Magnet’s only peer is Katatonia (via two versions of their awesome 2012 album, Dead End Kings), and let’s hope the former shall match the latter again: Monster Magnet just announced a second re-interpretation album, this time of 2010’s Mastermind and titled Cobras And Fire: The Mastermind Redux (out October 9). Looks like it’ll be awesome if we’re judging from “Mastermind ’69,” the new take on the original album’s title track (below, via Brooklyn Vegan). Your move, Katatonia!

Monster Magnet’s Cobras And Fire: The Mastermind Redux is out October 9 via Napalm. Tracks and pre-order here.

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