Clutch Make Asses Shake with Only Their Minds in “X-Ray Visions”



Given how often I’m disappointed by my musical idols, I keep waiting for Clutch to fuck up and do something that makes me question them as people and as a band. But Christ eating Cheetos, people, this band is the balls, all the time. Their songs are hard-hitting but catchy beyond reason, the lyrics therein are brilliant, and (so I’ve learned over my occasional opportunities to interview him) frontman Neil Fallon is one of the cooler dudes in music today. Clutch rule, every fucking time. I have a feeling this new album is going to win music this year.

The band released a video today for “X-Ray Visions,” the song they were bumping in that hotel room video, and man if both the song and video aren’t incredible. The tune itself is loaded with classic fringe science conspiracy — telekinesis, the Zodiac, and the psychic specters of Ronald Regan and his wife. The video shows it all off in highly-stylized fashion, filled with white rooms, antique experimental technology, and strange diagrams.

What’s also notable about the video is that it doesn’t look like it cost too much, and it’s single-minded. While so many bands are trying too hard or mish-mashing imagery, Clutch are doing focused things within their means, and the results are simply awesome. Every other band out there, please take note: this is how you make a music video in 2015.

Watch the video for “X-Ray Visions” below. Watch it over and over. Psychic Warfare comes out October 2nd via the band’s own Weathermaker Music, and friends, it’s going to be a doozie.

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