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Zombi’s New Track “Pillars of the Dawn” Will Rock Your Body


Zombi - Shape ShiftThe human memory can be a fickle thing. I remember full well what t-shirt Axl wore last Wednesday, yet I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday. More generally, people are notoriously bad at remembering past weather patterns: it’s been proven that folks “remember” the weather as what it was supposed to be like for a given time period moreso than what it was actually like. For example, people always cite August heatwaves as the epitome of summer, yet August is not the hottest month of the year, historically speaking: that title belongs to July.

All this is a long-winded way of saying that I fucking love Zombi, and I was damn near sure I’d written about them a ton on MetalSucks but it turns out I’ve only done so once. Whoops.

So today is the beginning of righting that wrong: Zombi have a new album coming out, and Noisey has a track from said album called “Pillars of the Dawn.” Noisey makes a really good point in the accompanying write-up, that Zombi may be responsible for — and certainly pre-dated — the renewed interest in the “horror soundtrack genre,” aka synthwave, which we’ve been featuring here every Sunday. Zombi’s approach is a bit different — it’s more rock-based, with live drums — but the vibe is definitely very much the same. And the new track is highly excellent.

Shape Shift comes out on October 16th via Relapse Records. Meanwhile, Zombi keyboardist Steve Moore is releasing an LP of his own, and a new track from that can be streamed at Noisey as well.

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