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Listen to Thirty Seconds of New Iron Maiden Music? Twist My Arm, Why Doncha?

Cover artwork by Mark Wilkinson
Cover artwork by Mark Wilkinson

Iron Maiden have released thirty seconds of a new song as part of a promotional video for their forthcoming albumThe Book of Souls. I haven’t fallen bum-over-noggin in love with a Maiden album since Brave New World came out fifteen years ago, but I will be forever optimistic about new Maiden because, well, Maiden.

So does this sound promising? It’s hard to say without context, especially because they didn’t release, like, a chorus or something — it’s guitar solos. Bad guitar solos have never really been an issue for Maiden; no one has ever said “Man, A Matter of Life and Death would be the best Maiden album ever if not for those shitty guitar solos!” If this thirty seconds was pulled from the album’s eighteen-minute-long song, and the other seventeen-minutes-and-thirty-seconds of that song are totally mundane, well, that would be a problem. So I dunno.

Listen to the thirty seconds below. The first single will be out August 14. The Book of Souls is out September 4.

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