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Here’s a New Motörhead Track to Electrocute Your Friday



Sometimes, I get discouraged. The world seems bleak, and I wonder if maybe I should just call it and eat some ammo. But then I get to write up a new Motörhead track the day after I get to write up a new Clutch track, and the world doesn’t seem so bleak after all.

Below is the lyric video for “Electricity”, the second new song from the band’s upcoming album Bad Magic. The lyrics are about keeping an open mind, which might be weird to many who consider Motörhead the ultimate meat-and-potatoes metal band, but probably won’t to anyone who’s listened to Lemmy’s lyrics over the past thirty years. The video itself is all right, but the song kills. Because it’s fucking Motörhead, ya mooks.

Bad Magic is out August 28th. The band is touring the US this summer, so check out dates here and get them in your calendar post-haste.

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