One Minute to Midnight: Submit Your Unsigned Band to be Reviewed on The MetalSucks Podcast


The MetalSucks Podcast has been featuring unsigned bands, and we want YOU to submit your own band for consideration!

The feature is called “One Midnight to Midnight.” We expose sixty seconds of an undiscovered, unsigned band’s song to acclaimed metal producer Eyal Levi and ask him for an honest assessment of the song, performance, and recording. Sometimes he loves it. Sometimes he hates it. Either way, your band will get a shot and a forthright, unfiltered critique.

To be considered, fill out the below before. Include a link to a good quality, edited recording of only 60 seconds of the song you want reviewed. Make sure your chosen 60 second clip has the elements you want heard: if your “cool part” doesn’t come around until the end of the second verse, consider including that section. We need to be “hooked” in those sixty seconds.

Consideration will not be based on song quality, genre, or how big your singer’s boobs are, or … well, Chuck’s partial to the boobs. It just comes down to whether we think your song is interesting.

1. No whining.
2. Make your clip 60 seconds, no more.
3. Song must be fairly recent.
4. You don’t have to really, really suck, or be really, really awesome, but it helps.
5. You’re welcome.
6. No whining.
7. Fill out the form below.

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