Biggest Putz in Metal Reader Bracket

Starting Monday: The MetalSucks Biggest Putz in Metal Readers’ Bracket


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Not that we’ve ever tried to hide it — the site is called MetalSucks, after all — but we here at MS love few things more than having a good laugh at the expense of a total putz. Whether their act(s) of putzery are criminal, ignorant, egotistical or auditory, these assholes give metal a bad name, and we are delighted to have made enemies of them.

Of course, there are varying levels of putziness. And so we started to wonder: which of these yutzes is the putziest of the putzy???

That’s the question that YOU, our beloved readers, will be answering over the course of the next month. Axl and Vince have selected sixty-four of the most ridiculous schmucks in metal, who will duke it out to decide which one is the true embodiment of putzocity in extreme music. And beyond the initial selection of putzi, we’re staying out of it. Readers will control who wins each match each day.

The matches begin this Monday, August 10! Prepare by checking out the full bracket below (click to enlarge):

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