Bruce Dickinson Even Makes Emergency-Landing A Plane Look Good



Bruce Dickinson is a boss. The guy flies jets, helps children in need with the power of music, and makes deals with African nations, all while overcoming tongue cancer. He can do nothing wrong. Not even nearly crashing a plane.

While recently piloting his replica triplane, the Iron Maiden singer discovered himself low on fuel, and was forced to make an emergency landing at RAF Halton, one of the largest Royal Air Force bases in the UK.

The RAF’s response? Thunderous applause:

Squadron leader Gary Coleman, officer commanding operations squadron at RAF Halton, said: “We applaud Bruce Dickinson’s decision to divert to RAF Halton rather than press to his destination with potentially low fuel.

“To see such a well-regarded pilot, and world-renowned rock singer, make this decision is great for our student pilots to see. It makes them realise that anyone can find themselves low on fuel due to unforeseen circumstances and that the right decision is to divert.

“He really does have a magnificent Fokker Triplane, so it was a pleasure to provide it with a home for a few nights until we sent him on his way.”

Yeah. Dude found himself in an awkward situation, did the right thing, and got hailed as a role model for it.

You have to be the fucking man to have the Royal Air Force simply honored to house your replica plane, and Bruce Dickinson is just that. If I were in that situation, I would’ve pooped myself and crashed into a hill. The black box recording would have been me weeping profusely.

Here’s to hoping Dickinson remains an awesome and stand-up guy and doesn’t go on any ill-advised political rants or anything, but currently, we wouldn’t add him to the Putz bracket if you paid us.

[via Blabbermouth]

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