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Caspian’s New Track “Darkfield” is Indeed Dark, Fieldy


Caspian - Dust and DisquietIt’s been a long while since we’ve written about Caspian. They’re one of those bands that aren’t really metal, but who can occasionally get heavy, and who metalheads seem to enjoy regardless. Their dreamy, instrumental post-rock has inspired countless bands over the past several years.

Caspian have a new album called Dust and Disquiet on the way from which they just released a track called “Darkfield.” It starts out fairly mellow — albeit sinister — but, in typical Caspian fashion, it builds gradually from there, ending in an epic crescendo full of fuzzed out guitars and a driving bassline and drum charge atop atmospheric guitars. This is the reason I fell in love with Caspian in the first place, and I’m glad to hear that they’re still at it.

Pre-order Dust and Disquiet here before its September 25th release.

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