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Soulfly’s “Archangel” Drives A Spear Through Musical Preconceptions


Soulfly - ArchangelYou know, like many metalheads, I always thought of Soulfly as What Max Did After Sepultura, mostly because they were once overly obsessed with the whole tribal fad and did mad collaborations with Korn. I never hated them, I just never gave them the time of day, really.

But man, the shit that Soulfly has been releasing from their new album Archangel has been impressing me consistently. It’s been really brutal and creepy, and has a lot more texture than the band’s previous material. Obviously, it just took Max and Co. some years to come into their own.

You can listen to the album’s title track below. It’s creepy and atmospheric, but at the same time really weedly and strange. I’m not sure I ever expected this kind of music to come out of Soulfly, but now that it has I’m definitely interested. Look at them, changing my opinion with their talent! If only other bands could do the same.

Archangel comes out Friday. I’m excited for it.

[via Metal Underground]

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