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Five Guitarist/Vocalists We’d Be Happy to See Join Immortal

  • Axl Rosenberg

immortal needs a new front dudeSince Immortal apparently plan to soldier on without Abbath, we thought we’d help them out by making a few suggestions with regards to guitarist/vocalists who would be able replacements for the member they’ve lost. Here’s our fantasy casting…

#1 – Ihsahnihsahn abbath

Who wouldn’t love to see this guy back in corpse paint, collaborating with his fellow legendary Norwegian black metallers? Amiriteoramirite? Oramirite?

#2 – Evil D.evil d abbath

Yes, we are aware that he is technically a bassist, not a guitarist. But, surely, his cousin, Billy Ray Cyrus, could help him make the transition, no?

#3 – Tommy Thayertommy thayer abbath

He’s already made a career out of putting on make-up and pretending to be another, better-known musician, making him a perfect choice to literally fill Abbath’s shoes.

#4 – Abbath CatFive Guitarist/Vocalists We’d Be Happy to See Join Immortal

We haven’t been able to confirm that this kitty can actually play guitar and/or sing, but surely, the internet sensation that swept the metal nation would be good for marketing purposes, right?

#5 – Chris Holmeschris holmes abbath

Because there is no such thing as a metal band that couldn’t benefit from a little Chris Holmes.

Who would YOU like to see fill Abbath’s spot in Immortal? Weigh in in the comments section below!

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