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Five Finger Death Punch’s Manager Denies Ivan Moody Domestic Violence Allegations


Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six

Last time on Five Finger Death Punch: The Animated Series, singer Ivan Moody was accused of domestic violence by one Holly Smith, who claimed she was divorcing him. Then FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory tweeted that Ivan wasn’t even married. Soon after, though, it was revealed that Moody’s sister has a restraining order against him, and according to her their mother is also getting one for herself and Moody’s own daughter.

But recently, in a confusing new twist, the band’s manager Allen Kovac issued a statement on behalf of Moody regarding this issue:

Holly Smith has made claims of domestic violence that were dismissed on July 14th, 2015. She has also claimed that she was married to Ivan Moody, which Ivan denies. A search of county clerk records in the location she claims to have gotten married showed no marriage certificate. Ms. Smith has also made statements alleging that Moody is the father of her child which has also been shown to be untrue.

Okay, this is interesting. Notice the language here — the records “in the location she claims to have gotten married.” On the one hand, it’s making Holly Smith out to be a liar. On the other, that’s some very specific legalese, as is always referring to Moody (“which Ivan denies” as opposed to “which never happened”). Were they ever married anywhere? Is there a marriage certificate in another state? Why could Kovac not simply say, “This never happened. Here’s the proof. She is a liar.”

We look forward to proving that there are no grounds for divorce in this case and that Ms Smith is not a credible source of information.

What… the fuck? Of course there are no grounds for divorce if they weren’t married, right? Am I wrong to think that divorce just can’t happen unless there’s a marriage first?

Nobody in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH condones domestic violence or abuse of any kind. The media attention is rife with false allegations and we hope that the media will start to follow the facts so that Ivan can move on.

I’m glad FFDP do not actively condone people beating on their wives or girlfriends. Thanks for clarifying.

But what ARE the facts here? Kovac is blaming the media for making “false allegations,” but he hasn’t produced any proof to the contrary. Give us spoooooky media personalities hard facts to report on and we will report on it.  For example, it is a FACT that Bathory tweeted saying Ivan’s never been married. Whether that information is a fact remains to be seen. That’s how facts work. If we’re a network of news-hungry scumbags, wouldn’t we jump at a chance to release documents showing Holly Smith to be a liar?

Thankfully, Kovac goes out on a really classy note, portraying Ivan Moody as a fighter for justice and a warm, loving man:

Given the shameless attempt to become a media star with these false allegations, I think FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH can take this 15 minutes of fame and use the situation to promote their 6th album (GOT YOUR SIX, due out 9/4) and US tour (with Papa Roach, also starting on 9/4) as well. Early projections show the album looks to debut at #1 – we want to thank Ms Smith and TMZ for all their help!

Ha, just kidding! It’s a shameless money grab!

So the media is a bunch of hand-kneading Iagos, but hey, you still got an album to promote! Why not use a sensitive legal issue concerning a nationwide issue like domestic violence to do a little promotion work? As long as it puts money in your pockets!

Meanwhile, Kovac doesn’t comment on the restraining order Moody’s sister filed against him, which just makes his statement even more vague and bothersome (the band doesn’t condone domestic violence, but they’re fine working with someone who terrorizes his own family?).

We’ll continue reporting on this case, and when we get some hard facts, we’ll let you know.

[via Metal Injection]

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