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The City Cöuncil of Lös Angeles Will Honör Motörhead



Can you believe that Motörhead is 40? Of course you can, because it feels like they’re a million years old. One assumes there are carvings on a rock wall somewhere of Lemmy chasing cave-tail and helping aliens design the pyramids (“Just make it a right big fuckin’ spike, mate”).

And as a nod to the band’s 40th anniversary and the upcoming release of their new album Bad Magic, the Los Angeles City Council will honor the band for, I don’t know, being awesome and keeping the Rainbow in business? The ceremony will take place on August 26th at 10am in Council Chambers at City Hall, which is when you should show up hammered and yell, “LEMMY LIVES!” at everyone who passes.

It’s interesting that Motörhead are being honored by LA, considering their love of putting ‘Motörhead, England’ on everything. Then again, Lemmy is the ultimate Angeleno, living in a tiny apartment, drinking at the same club every night, and kicking ass onstage for ten years longer than most other rock bands.

Anyway, congrats to the boys on their honor. Do them the favor of wishing the band a happy 40th anniversary out on tour.


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